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Home care is care that allows a person with special needs to stay in their home. Home it might be for people who are getting older.it could also be for people who are chronically ill, recovering from surgery, or disabled. the goal of short-term healthy carriers to provide treatment for illness or injury.it helps get better regain your independence and become as self-sufficient as possible.


There are many home care services in Dhaka and 71 care is one of the home care services that is trying to give youtube the best services all the time. 71 care is another organization whose goal and purpose is to provide services to the liberation war as well as to take care of those who are currently ill. because we are young today, one day we too will reach the elderly sick, and if we young people do not come forward to serve the elderly who will come forward to serve us tomorrow. 71care is the best home care service in dhaka.


Therefore,71 care was created with the aim of serving the freedom fighters as well as the sick and the elderly and through this service we want  71 care to spread the fragrance of names and flowers all over.71care is the best home care service in Dhaka.


Now we will know what kind of services 71 care home services in Dhaka provide inside Dhaka. They will provide you with completely good home service in Dhaka. If you need a good doctor, a nurse, and a good attendant for your home that service you will get from 71 care.


The home services that  71 care  provides in Dhaka is given below:


  • Nurse service at home: home nursing care can administer medication, injections and provide other medical treatments such as dressing wounds. They can provide you administer medication, tube  feeding, simple wound 

management, tracheostomy care, stoma care, drain care, oral suctioning also activities of daily living, personal care and hygiene, medication reminders and companionship, and staying active.



  • Baby care home service: if you need professional services to take care of the little ones in your home,  we will provide them or your baby is sick and there is no one at home to take care of you, you are busy with your work outside, then we will be able to give and take care of your baby professional from your home 24 horse a day.  


  • Hospital attendant: a hospital attendant performs a number of routine tasks to help support patients, nurses, and other staff. As a hospital attendant duties include assisting patients with personal hygiene tasks, delivering meals to patients in their hospitals, or homerooms, reviewing vitals signs and records. These services will be available to you in 71 care.




  • Physio-therapy home service: home care physiotherapy mainly focuses on home-based physiotherapy treatment and management for the patients.71 care provide the best physiotherapy service that aims at alleviating pain in most conditions. Be it a chronic disorder or acute illness or post-surgery. We provide a protocol administered by highly qualified personnel at the convenience of a patient’s home.



  • Noon medical caregivers: non-medical home care is long term care that is provided to a client that does not involve medical services or skilled nursing services in some cases, home care can focus on providing companionship, giving adults the social support they need to live an active, personal care and hygiene.



71 care provides an emergency oxygen cylinder home delivery service in Dhaka. if you need any help to choose oxygen cylinder plans, just contact 71 care helplines.


Oxygen cylinder full set including:



  • Oxygen cylinder
  • Oxygen trolley
  • Flowmeter
  • Nasal cannula
  • Mask
  • Pressure:2000 liter
  • Capacity:1.36 cubic meter.
  • Height:3feet


You can also purchase a linde oxygen cylinder for a covid patient. because it’s a very easy process. You have to get a physician prescription who will recommend the oxygen cylinder for the patient. You have to mention whether you are looking for rent or buy as we offer both facilities. You can confirm for us over the phone or online. You should give us a minimum of 2-3  hours to reach you with all equipment with an efficient guide to your home. This is how you can purchase a linde oxygen cylinder bd in 71care for your patient.


We are also in touch with many hospitals and government organizations that need an oxygen cylinder in this covid19 situation. We are working on the address of high-demanding oxygen cylinders for covid 19 patients. So you just need to contact us online or via call.


We are a distributor of Linde oxygen cylinders all over Bangladesh. Our team is also working hard to aid the additional suppliers that may be needed by the patients. We also maintain health and safety and continue to track local and federal health by following the recommendations guidelines.

 We don’t provide any type of treatment for any patients. But we do work under dictator recommendations. And determine the best course of the treatment process furthermore you can also get to know our service elaborately from our website.


We also provide oxygen cylinders for corona patients. We also provide oxygen cylinder for a range of health conditions such as:


  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Heart failure
  • Several long term asthma
  • Obesity-related hypoventilation
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Nerves and muscle-related problems or ribcage
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • COPD-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease etc.


 All these home services 71 care provide in Dhaka city. 71 care is always trying its best to deliver the best service in your home.


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