Best Diabetes Machine in Bangladesh

Best Diabetes Machine in Bangladesh
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A small device called a glucose meter or glucometer measures how much sugar is in the blood sample. the drop of blood you get with a finger is often enough to use on the test strip. a finger prick can be done with a special needle or with a spring-loaded device that quickly pricks the finger trip. most glucometers today use an electrochemical method.


Use of glucometer: 

  • Check random blood sugar rbs
  •  Check blood glucose


Advantage of glucometer: 


  • Easy to use 
  • Convenient
  • Cheap
  • Check by self
  • Use in home


Disadvantage of glucometer:


  • Sometimes it gives a false result
  • It gives 15% more result the ogtt test
  • Sometimes strips are not available


 A good glucometer is very useful for measuring diabetes. This is because diabetes can be easily measured with this device at home. there are glucometers of different companies in Bangladesh, we will know the details about any 5 advance types among them:


The best glucometer in Bangladesh are:

  1. Accu check Aviva plus
  2. One-touch select plus simple glucometer.
  3. glucometer.
  4. Accu checks instant blood glucose meter.
  5. Accu checks active.

Accu check Aviva plus:


Features and details:


  •  Easy to handle, quick-fill test strip makes sampling easier. Fills quickly at any point along the tip with only a tiny drop. And more than 150 systems integrity help detect and prevent unreliable results.
  • No coding for fewer step testing
  •  Uses Accu -check viva plus test astrip, which offset advanced accuracy.
  • accu-chek softclix lancing device-uses the same technology as their Accu-chek fast clip device, which has been proven painful.


Description: quick, 5-second result small 0.6 microliters sample size designed to fit comfortably in your hand multiple test sites on the body before and after-meal markers help you see how food affects your blood sugar, plus 4 customizable test reminders downloadable 500  value mem opry with 7,14,30 and 90-day averaging uses readily available 3-volt lithium coin cell battery 1000 test battery life. Accu-chek Aviva blood glucose meter is compatible with Accu-chek data management tools covered on most healthcare plans and medicare to help you save money on test strips manufactured in the u.s.a.


One-touch select plus simple glucometer:


Features and details:


  • Simple to use, no setup, no buttons, no coding
  •  Easy to understand when you’re high low or in range, color sure technology
  • Uses OneTouch select plus test strip for accurate results in an average of 5 seconds.


Description: it is a simple meter system. simple to use, accurate, and virtually is the number 1 recommended brand by diabetologists in India.





Features and details:


  • Complete new generation of circuit design, patent electrochemical biosensing technology.
  • Switches can be button machines and can specimen auction astic switchers.
  • Inserted an open blood glucose meter with a blood glucose test piece.
  • Incluedong rs232 communication module diabetes management software.


Description: it has enhanced blue blood sugar rester device hasc 150 test  memories with time and date, gives accurate result in less than 8 seconds, memory recall function, abundant supply of twist striped for future use, ideal for people with diabetes and other glucose-related problem, made in Taiwan 


Accu checks instant blood glucose meter:



Features and details:

  • Visual reassurance with target range indicator: an intuitive target range indicator that gives you visual reassurance and also lets you individualize it to suit your personal goals.
  • A clutter-free screen: the meter only displays that which is relevant, easy to understand information. Your test result and your average are visible on the meter./
  • It is one of the most accurate systems.
  • Only used Accu check strips with this meter.


Description:  the intuitive target range indication in the Accu-chek instant glucometer gives you visual setup requires just insert a strip, apply a small blood sample, read your bl; good result constantly on the large display. It is a home measurement system which can be used to test the amount of glucose in your body.


Accu check active:



Features and details:


  • Large storage memory
  • Visual double check
  • Shows average reading
  • Pre and post-meal markers


Description: remove a test strip from the container and close the cap tightly. As you insert the metallic end of the strip into the meter, it turns on. from any recommended sites of obtaining blood on your finger, lance the side of your fingertip within your lancing device. apply the blood drop to the center of the green field on the strip and remove your finger. when the meter detects the blood, a flashing hourglass symbol appears after a beep which indicates that the test is in progress. The test gets over in about 5 seconds. The screen displays the resort after a beep automatically. remove the test strip from the meter and turn it off. Dispose of the trip after the process is completed.

There are various companies medical equipment online shop in Bangladesh where you can buy good quality diabetes machines.

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